The KOBUSHI drummers

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Kent Multer has been a percussionist and student of Japanese culture for most of his life. He started playing taiko in 1992, and founded KOBUSHI in 1994. He also performs other types of percussion music around the Dallas area, and has a "normal" career" as a published author and a free-lance computer consultant; for more information, see his own Web site. He lives in Garland, Texas.

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A professional drummer for more than 30 years, Martin McCall has played drums with dozens of groups in Texas. With KOBUSHI since 1996, he also currently performs with his own group, ConunDrum, as well as with Hands and  Brothers 3. He lives in Lancaster, Texas with his wife.  More information about his music is available at his own Web site.

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Craig Shropshire joined KOBUSHI in 2000. He is a percussionist, audiophile (music maniac), and a former DJ on public radio station KERA from 1987-1994. He also runs a Dallas area vegetarian/macrobiotic meal-delivery service, and is a staff member of the progressive-music web site


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