Performance Planning Notes

KOBUSHI performances are generally done with 4 to 6 drummers. Our kinetic playing style works best when the stage or other playing area gives us room to move, and provides the audience a good view of all players. In-the-round locations or other unusual locations work well for us. We can perform indoors or out. Although we can perform totally “unplugged,” we like to have 1–3 microphones available: one for narration, and two for quieter instruments such as our wind chimes. For large outdoor performances, a full sound system is advisable. We can enhance our show with creative stage lighting if it is available. Since we wear Japanese-style uniforms, we like to have a dressing room (two rooms if possible, since there are men and women in the group).

The drums are large and heavy, so we need to be able to drive and park close to the stage; or else we need help moving the drums (dollies, extra people, etc.). If we are to perform as one of a series of acts, some thought must be given to moving the drums on and off stage quickly.

A full performance lasts 60-90 minutes. We can adjust it to fit other time spans when required.

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Typical Stage Layout

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